Photos from The 37th Annual Mid America Bonsai Exhibit

Another great show this year. Hopefully you were able to get there and see the trees yourself, if not here’s some photos to show you what you missed. This is an open show for bonsai artists of all levels from around the Midwest and even further. There are also great vendors to meet your bonsai needs. If you’re nearby jump in your car and head over. Enjoy the Photos!!!


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37th ANNUAL MID-AMERICA BONSAI EXHIBIT (August 15 – 17, 2014)

Guest Artist:

Rodney Clemons

Rodney Clemons spent his formative years in the Florida panhandle, moving to Atlanta, GA when he was thirteen. He was captivated by bonsai in 1973 when he saw a Trident maple forest that struck chords in his heart and artistic nature. Bonsai has been his passion since that time. Rodney is a bonsai artist an instructor, specializing in Japanese gardens and natural water features. His work has developed his sensitive eye and skill with rock and plant placement which adds realism to his bonsai creations. He studied with E. Felton Jones and enjoyed workshops with many visiting artists like John Naka and Yugi Yoshimura. His style has been formed by studying nature, drawing heavily on childhood memories of coastal Florida. Rodney excels in capturing the tension in nature and stranslating it into bonsai. He is best known for his unique “rock plantings” and his love of “Kingsville” boxwood. When teaching his remarks are delivered with a liberal dose of humor. He has been an invited speaker to numerous Bonsai societies meetings and conventions. A few of the highlights are: 1987 BSF Convention, Fort Walton Beach, FL; 1989-1997 Southeast Bonsai Conferences, Atlanta, GA; 1993 World Bonsai Convention, Orlando, FL; 1996 ABS Convention, Hershey, PA; 1197 International Bonsai Convention, England; 1998 International Bonsai Symposium, Rochester, NY; 2001 Mid Atlantic Convention, Newark NJ; 2002, 2205 and 2009 Brussel’s Rendezvous, Memphis, TN; Expo 2005, Ashville, NC; He has spoken at four BSF Conventions, the last one was Gainesville, FL in 2006. Rodney has been President of the Atlanta Bonsai Society three times since joining the organization in 1973. He was President of Phoenix Bonsai Federation in 1999. Phoenix hosted a convention with Masahiko Kimura as the exclusive speaker. Rodney continues traveling, teaching, judging shows and critiquing collections. He leads a study group at Smith Gilbert Gardens in Kennesaw GA, where he is the curator of their collection. He also is the curator of the collection at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers GA. At present he is applying his talents at his nursery, Allgood Bonsai, designing trees and teaching advanced workshops. Rodney enjoys the opportunity to share and express his love of nature and bonsai with people in the hops that he can influence them in a positive way.


We Welcome Mr. Walter Pall

At our August meeting we were quite pleased to welcome Walter Pall as our guest. He took on the challenge of presenting a carving demonstration in the small window of two hours. The tree was an urban collected yew. He is a great storyteller with a wry sense of humor, poking fun at anything and everything. As he pointed out the tree will be uglier before it becomes beautiful. IMG_0737 IMG_0739 IMG_0743 IMG_0745 IMG_0746 IMG_0747IMG_0750

If you haven’t looked through Walter’s blog then you are missing out on a very well maintained and informational site. Walter’s Blog

A Visit To The Scottish National Bonsai Collection

In July one of our members had the opportunity to visit the Scottish National Bonsai Collection. Originally established in 1984 with the donation of trees from Bill Graham’s collection it is a modest but nice collection of trees. Now many of the trees rotate in and out of the collection and the gardens of some of the Scottish Bonsai Association’s members. Currently the collection is overseen by Roy Smith who is a wonderful and friendly man. There are more trees than are shown here but due to the rain not all the photos came out well. Enjoy!!!

IMG_0132 IMG_0133 IMG_0134 IMG_0135 IMG_0136 IMG_0137 IMG_0139 IMG_0126 IMG_0129