Japan International Bonsai Tour Exploration– Autumn 2013, Part 3

Thanks for the great photos Bill!!!

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Thursday was judging day for the Taikan Bonsai Exhibition. Julian Adams and I first went with the tour to visit the Ryoanji Temple, where I caught him selecting seed. We then took a taxi to the exhibition.


Julian Adams picking ripe seed from small leaf Japanese maples.

All the vendors were busy setting up their trees, containers, supplies, suiseki and other items necessary for the creation, maintenance and appreciation of bonsai. I saw Kenji Oshima, son on Mikio Oshima and congratulated him for winning the Prime Minister Award for the upcoming Japan Creator’s Bonsai Exhibition in early December. He was proud of a special display of one of his client’s trident maple bonsai.


Award winning bonsai artist, Kenji Oshima, Meiju-en Bonsai Garden in Okayama in front of his client’s display of Trident maple bonsai.



The first round of judging the bonsai was to select the finalists for the award selection…

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Video of John Naka Repotting Goshin

Capital Bonsai

The National Bonsai Foundation in collaboration with the U.S. National Arboretum have digitized several VHS tapes taken over the years here are the Museum. It only seems fitting to have the first be of John Naka re-potting his world famous “Goshin” here at the Museum in 1995. It was filmed by the late Dr. Bill Orsinger, a dedicated museum volunteer who had the foresight to capture this event on tape.

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Public Bonsai Collection planned for Milwaukee

At our Bonsai meeting last this week Jack Douthitt made a startling announcement, when he offered to match all funds collected for a Public Bonsai Collection in Milwaukee up to $50,000. The fund raising campaign is now in full swing and your help is needed to meet this challenge. Check out the Milwaukee collection information

To make a donation print the Donation Form fill it out and mail it with your check today! If your donation is received before December 31, 2013, Jack will match it.

All bonsai lovers should pitch in and help out with this, you never know when you’ll be in Milwaukee and need a bonsai fix.

White Elephant Sale

On Monday we had our White Elephant sale. There we quite a few nice bonsai related items and various other tidbits. Rich was our feisty Auctioneer which kept things fun and interesting. ImageImageImageImageImage

Small Satsuki on stone

Image Image

Some things went for reasonable prices and other were a steal like the Schefflera on the right which sold for less than the price of its pot.


Overall it was a great time even if you didn’t buy anything.